Implementation of the Smart Attend system results in instant improvements to Stratus Plastics’ communication, staffing, and ROI tracking issues.

Stratus Plastics was founded in 2005 when William (Bill), a seasoned mold maker, and Frank, a seasoned plastic injection engineer, came together to target gaps in the market. Today, Stratus Plastics is a certified Tier 2 IFTA supplier with 95% of their business in automotive and 5% in the agricultural sector. Stratus Plastics has plants in Morgantown, Kentucky, and Windsor, Ontario. They are a proud minority-owned business and boast multiple business awards and grants over the years.

We spoke with Stratus Plastics’ Production Manager, Frank Massimino, to understand the challenges they were facing prior to implementing a machine monitoring system and how the Smart Attend System has improved operations.  

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Stratus Plastics Case Study