Paperless ‘Smart Factory’ Based on Automated Production Monitoring

Tier 1 automotive molder’s home-built production-monitoring and ERP systems, designed for “the little guy,” boost its efficiency rating and profits.

“Let’s just build it ourselves,” is the motto of Axiom Group Inc. and, more specifically, of its president, Perry Rizzo. An airplane pilot by training, and an “engineer by passion,” Rizzo is constitutionally averse to compromising on quality or efficiency. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to design and build a child’s lunchbox when he couldn’t find one on the market that would keep both soup hot and a sandwich cold. He used that same approach when it came to production-monitoring and ERP systems for Axiom, a Canadian Tier 1 automotive molder and moldmaker, of which he is co-founder and co-owner.

Based in Aurora, Ont., and with a plant in Mexico and a partner plant in Italy, Axiom is a $50-million-plus (U.S.D.) business that employs 250. Its headquarters plant occupies 80,000 ft2 and houses 31 injection machines from 200 to 1500 tons, including six two-shot machines and a pair of rotary-table vertical presses. A second plant in Aurora houses its tooling department, called Intex Tooling Technologies, which builds all Axiom’s molds, and its software development activities for production monitoring and ERP.

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