Customized Monitoring Tools & Real-Time Access to Data Open Up New Opportunities For Pulp Moulded Products

Pulp Moulded Products have been manufacturers of stock and custom pulp moulded protection and disposable products since 2008. They work with companies to offer sustainable “green” replacements for honeycomb, plastic, and foam packaging. They tout “the most sustainable packaging on the planet” and promote the mantra “sustainability is not a luxury”. 

Despite their reputation for innovation, Pulp Moulded Products was facing the age-old problem of inaccurate and slow paper-based production monitoring. They knew that if they could upgrade their data management processes they would discover new ways to grow the business.

We spoke with Pulp Moulded’s Production Manager, Jason Kinder, to understand the challenges they were facing and the bespoke machine monitoring system that Smart Attend developed to match their unique manufacturing process. 

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Pulp Moulded Products Case Study