Real-Time Data & Accurate Reporting Offer New Insights to Axiom Group

Established in 1987, Axiom Group is an industry leader in the manufacturing and engineering of products for a range of industries. Specializing in thermoplastic injection molding for components and assemblies, Axiom has become industry-recognized for its accomplishments, including being awarded “Supplier of the Year” from numerous automotive OEM manufacturers.

We spoke with Axiom’s Production Manager, Tom Gucciardi, to understand the challenges they were facing prior to implementing a machine monitoring system and how the Smart Attend System has improved operations.  Launched at Axiom’s Aurora plant, they saw immediate improvements in alarm response time, machine downtime, and reporting accuracy. Now, they are getting creative, harnessing their data to improve quoting, incentivize staff, and even develop predictive AI-based production management tools.

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Axiom Thermoplastic Injection Molding Case Study