We wanted a better system, so we invented one.

Smart Attend was born out of the desire to implement a simple yet highly effective production-monitoring system. Frustrated by the systems available, the team decided to build their own – Smart Attend.

Smart Attend Production manufacturing system with a background in high-performance racing and vehicle part design


The Smart Attend team has a deep history of high-performance manufacturing, rooted in the world of automotive parts and racing. Founded by Axiom Group Inc., a high-volume automotive parts producer, Smart Attend was an in-house-developed answer to their need for better production monitoring and reporting.

“There simply was nothing like it on the market, so we decided to build it ourselves.”

Smart Attend automotive parts production benefits from Production monitoring systems

Faced with not being able to find a factory monitoring solution that fit their needs and didn’t break the bank, the Axiom engineers began the daunting task of creating their own best-of-breed solution. After three years of testing and refinement on the Axiom factory floors, Smart Attend entered the market.

Today, Smart Attend is the Industry 4.0 answer for dozens of manufacturers worldwide who were similarly seeking a better solution to production-monitoring and performance improvement that doesn’t require being an international conglomerate to afford.


To be the industry leader in providing smart manufacturing solutions and expertise to factories across the globe. Sharing insight gained through industry experience and providing simple and effective solutions designed and built right from the production floor.

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Because we are manufacturers ourselves, we utilize our own equipment to design and validate all system features in a live production facility. This real-life testing gives our clients confidence that our systems can stand up to the needs of a high-volume manufacturer and that they will see true performance gains throughout all areas of their business.