Let your factory do the talking.

IIoT connectivity allows your plant to have a voice of its own. Each machine is connected in real-time via secure cloud-based software and keeps you up to date on how it is performing. The Smart Attend actively notifies key personnel based on configurable machine alarms and colour codes machine status so you can easily identify which machines are running, alarming, stopped, or shutdown.

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Smart Attend real-time monitoring dashboard

Real-time monitoring allows you to make key decisions faster and smarter than ever before. Generating instant, accurate reports, and viewing your performance from anywhere around the world can help quickly identify inefficiencies throughout the workplace.

On average, productivity gains from real-time monitoring
information can be as much as 10 – 15% per machine.

Escalating notifications give your team the insight they need to keep your equipment producing. Receiving data and information direct from your equipment and auxiliary systems, your team is notified the instant an alarm is triggered. Plus, escalating notifications provide critical information to your team if an alarm remains active.

Powerful analytics provide you with the data you need to understand your resources. View which alarms were triggered, who it notified, and how long your team took to attend to your equipment and keep production online.

The device dashboard gives instant insight into your operations status. Transferring information in a sub 1-second response time, the Dashboard Displays real-time information that lets you understand how you’re currently operating. Notifying key personnel based on machine alarms, the Device Dashboard also colour codes Machine status so you can easily identify which machines are running, alarming, stopped, or have a planned shutdown.

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Mobile dashboard features include:

  • Job Scheduling Tracking
  • Machine OEE
  • Cycle Time
  • Current Machine Status
  • Part Count
  • Alarm Description

Added Insight and a much faster transfer of information mean identifying problem areas is a much easier and quicker process. Ease of use and global accessibility give you the peace of mind that your operation is meeting targets, and personnel are well-informed on the status of your factory.

Smart Attend real-time monitoring app on iphone X