Improved data accuracy.

For years, factories have tracked efficiency with written shift reports prone to human error. Eliminate the guessing game with real-time and historical efficiency monitoring (up to 3 years) pulled directly from your machines. Get to-the-second updates on Required Hours for each machine from the moment a project begins to the second it ships so that you can identify exactly where and how to improve.

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Smart Attend laptop machine performance metrics to improve efficiency

With the Smart Attend, Efficiency Monitoring has never been easier and more effective. Collecting vital production based information, and understanding key shift to shift performance, you can identify inefficient practices with never-before-seen visibility. You can finally truly understand performance with instant, real-time report generators.

Smart Attend Efficiency Monitoring Can Boost OEE by Avg. 15% Plant Wide

Scrap Reporting provides you with the ability to monitor live scrap rates specific to each machine and production job. Driven either automatically from the machine itself, or custom scrap inputs entered into the system, Smart Attend displays this information live to each dashboard, creating visibility and helping to resolve high scrap rates, improving overall production value.

The Required Hours feature builds a unique timeline from the moment the part began its production run, to the current minute. The timeline factors in any machine downtime, planned shutdown, machine shutdown alarms, any event or incident that affects the machine performance is reflected directly onto the Portal or App. The timeline also factors in live cycle time monitoring; meaning that the Smart Attend can anticipate the completion of the current job based on these factors.

Smart Attend - Custom alerts give ultimate flexibility in how you monitor production machines.

The Analytics tab on the Smart Attend software offers unique ways to visualize your machine data. Historical Benchmark allows Shift to Shift comparison and offers the ability to view custom time frames, so you can drill down into your processes. Want to compare week to week? Month to month? Historical Benchmark automatically pulls all of the collected data from the custom time frames and presents the information that matters.

Measurement Metrics helps gauge the machines performance by tracking its machine up-time over a custom time parameter. Instantly view how many hours your machine has been online, and accurately understand just how much product that machine has produced.

Cycle Monitoring presents valuable cycle time information that allows personnel to understand if their actual cycle time is matching up with their expectations. Change in automation? New training practices? View any improvements with the cycle time monitoring feature.

Smart Attend iPad app

Efficiency Monitoring Includes:

  • Advanced 3 year Historical Analytics
  • Reactive Part Scheduling And Est.
  • CompletionReal Time OEE Monitoring
  • Machine Performance Benchmarking
  • Part Quantity Tracking
Smart attend efficiency monitoring on an iPad