Custom reporting = Profitable data insights.

Stop guessing what the problems are that are holding up your profitability. Custom automated data reporting gives you the ability to pinpoint exactly where you can improve and where you may be losing time and money. The Smart Attend comes with a range of built-in reports that can be generated on any schedule and be easily uploaded to any ERP or MRP system, enabling faster decision making between the factory floor and front office.

Let us design the perfect custom reporting solution for your team.

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Smart Attend efficiency monitoring and running time

The Smart Attend online portal gives you the ability to export all machine production data into any ERP or MRP system, marrying up your instant machine information with your expectations. With Smart Attend, you can build any custom report you’d like, pulling information from the past minute all the way to 3 years of historical data.

Production Trend Analysis helps identify changes in your production, and allows you to track the success rate of new action plans. Add Automation to a manufacturing cell? Now you can quickly see the changes to the cycle time, changes in productivity, and increase in OEE. Any change you implement can be tracked and identified with powerful reporting tools built into the Smart Attend.

​Real decisions can be made faster and more accurately with instant report generators from Smart Attend.

Smart Attend Monthly analysis gives insight into production trends

Custom Reporting is an effective feature that can provide a deeper look into your production. Smart Attend can build a ‘Quick Report’ which gives an instant breakdown of our machine expectations vs the actual, and provide crucial information into how well targets were met. Smart Attend can also provide crucial insights into changes in cycle time, machine efficiency, gains in productivity, or losses in alarm response time.

Automated Reporting delivers performance information automatically, allowing you to understand your factory faster than ever before. Each report can be tailored to your specific job function, whether you want to see the night shift performance instantly, or get a weekly recap of your production, Smart Attends automated reporting system provides you with tailored information on a schedule that you choose.

This information means that production meetings can now happen directly on the shop floor, with instant reports coming directly from the machine itself. Accurate machine reports mean that there is no opportunity for miss-reporting, as all the information comes directly from the machine to the end user.

Reporting Includes:

  • Quick Report on Production Expectations vs Actual Performance
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Shift to Shift Benchmarking
  • Up To 3 Years of Production Analysis
  • Alarm Response Time
  • Uptime/Downtime Tracking

Exportable file formats include:

.CSV | .XLSX | .JSON | .PDF | .JPEG | .PNG | .SVG