Smart Attend was designed to address business intelligence needs at every level in your organization.

Let us design the perfect solution for your team.

Smart Attend Production Floor


Keeping your production team running at peak efficiency and quality are your top priorities. Doing so without being buried under paperwork can be a challenge.

Let Smart Attend gather real-time production data and report accurately on your behalf so that you can focus on being proactive with your floor management instead of reactive to production issues.

Smart Attend production monitoring from tablet


Understanding what is holding your operation back can be frustrating. Identifying opportunities to streamline the operation and reduce costs can sometimes be a guessing game.

Gain unprecedented access to real-time and historical data and analysis of your entire operation so that you can pinpoint areas of opportunity and stay ahead of the game.

Smart Attend c-suite executives analyzing business intelligence reports


The need to stay competitive and remain profitable are always up against a lack of time to focus on strategy. Costly delays on the shop floor can cause significant impacts to your business stability.

Stay informed about how your operation is performing at all levels so that you can make quicker decisions, stay profitable, and focus more time on how you want your business to grow.

Identify what is holding you back, transform your business, and create a competitive advantage

From real-time production monitoring to deep business analysis, the Smart Attend solution is designed to revolutionize how every part of your organization performs. Built to scale with you as you grow, Smart Attend offers three key business intelligence solutions:

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Smart Attend machine monitoring dashboard on a wall monitor


Smart Attend’s real-time monitoring goes a step beyond by giving your machines a voice of their own. Each system not only has configurable sound and visual alerts, they are also connected via wifi to a cloud-based IIoT network that will alert you and your production team of any issue within less than 1 second of it happening, greatly reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.


By collecting vital production-based data and understanding key shift to shift performance, you can identify inefficient practices with never-before-seen visibility. You and your team will finally understand performance with instant, real-time report generators and dashboards.

Smart Attend machine performance metrics

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Smart Attend alert contact list


Start your day with automated production reports so that you know exactly what decisions are needed to ensure your market edge. Then, connect the Smart Attend data to any ERP or MRP system and quickly marry production information with your strategic goals.