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A 15% increase in productivity

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Smart Attend gives you unparalleled access to operational and production data so that you can make faster and smarter business decisions. Far more than just a monitoring tool, Smart Attend helps you access your true manufacturing potential.

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Can your current tower light predict business profitability issues and how to fix them? Our award-winning system not only gives you direct visibility into real-time and historical production data, it actively tracks and improves your company’s performance and profitability. By reducing downtime, improving communication between machine and production teams, and offering a wide range of analytics and business reporting Smart Attend gives your team the business intelligence they need to create a real competitive advantage.


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Curious what you could do with fewer machine errors, better production, and less downtime? Calculate your shop’s ROI when investing in a Smart Attend system.

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“We appreciate your dedication and flexibility to adapt to our very specific necessities; let’s keep looking at expanding the system to other MAHLE plants and different technologies beyond Injection Molding Machines. Keep up the great job!”


“I use the Smart Attend system to monitor equipment located in different buildings. Our equipment productivity and up-time has increased by 35% on specific machines, the results have been dramatic.”

SME – CNC Machine Contracting / Manufacture

“Efficiency and productivity issues we just couldn’t resolve before have become easy to understand. The Smart Attend system immediately solved our downtime issues from a material feed perspective and our up-time has increased by 12%.”

Plastic Extrusion Firm

Equip your team with the insights they need to:

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Smart Attend’s real-time monitoring goes a step beyond by giving your machines a voice of their own. Each tower light not only has configurable sound and visual alerts, they are also connected via wifi to a cloud-based IIoT network that will alert you and your production team of any issue within less than 1 second of it happening, greatly reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Virtual dashboards also offer production managers and key personnel a real-time birds-eye view into how every machine in the plant is operating.


With Smart Attend, improving your efficiency has never been easier or more effective. By collecting vital production-based information and understanding key shift to shift performance, you can identify inefficient practices with never-before-seen visibility. You and your team can finally truly understand performance with instant, real-time report generators and dashboards.

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Start your day with automated production reports so that you know exactly what decisions are needed to ensure your market edge. Then, connect the Smart Attend data to any ERP or MRP system and quickly marry production information with your strategic goals.

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Make smarter decisions

If you don’t have access to the data already on your shop floor, you are making decisions with only half of the picture in hand. The Smart Attend system gives you immediate access to real-time and historical production data, up to 3 years, on a plantwide and by-machine basis. Get instant access to cycle time data, machine status, part counts, alarm description, Pareto analysis, hourly incident reporting, job scheduling and tracking, and machine OEE so that you can make smarter decisions with all the data in hand.

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Smart Attend CPIA plastics industry leadership awards

Winner of the 2017 CPIA Innovator Award

The award recognizes companies who are pushing the envelope in terms of technology and introducing innovating ideas that push the manufacturing industry forward.